Humanity Road, Inc.


Driven by Need, Led by Experience, Powered by Volunteers.


We are a virtual Non-Governmental Organization experienced & focused on communicating disaster recovery aid to the affected population during a catastrophic disaster.  Providing public communications during a catastrophic disaster is particularly challenging and the demand for reliable information is as great a challenge as actually providing that much needed aid to the affected public. 

The primary audience for this website is the general public; the affected population both inside and outside the impacted geography, neighbors outside the impacted geography, aid agencies inside and outside the impacted geography, media outlets and communications providers for the affected population inside and outside the impacted geography, and donors of materials and supplies for the affected population.

Learn more about our volunteer team here http://humanityroad.wordpress.com/

Can you volunteer 2 hours a day?     Be a virtual volunteer with Humanity Road.. Sign up here.

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