CAP-HAITIEN  Cap-Haïtien is the second largest city in Haiti. It lies along a bay on the northern coast of the country.
Population*:  180,000 people
GPS Coordinates:
Location in Nord, Haiti
Coordinates: 19°45′N 72°12′W
Transportation, Infrastructure and Road Conditions:  
Medical Locations: Cap-Haitien ( 19°45′39.32″N. 72°12′11.91″W) Justinia in Cap-Haitien & hospital in Milot near Citadelle are open. Cap-Haitian hospital Justinia, & Hospital in Milot – A group of doctors from Johns Hopkins R there ready to receive patients.
Food and Water Locations:  
Shelter Locations The Eternal Hope in Haiti Foundation runs three orphanages that help critically ill, displaced and homeless children. “The support of the military, specifically the Seabees dedicated to the orphanage, has been instrumental in ensuring we can provide a loving, nurturing home for many children displaced as a result of the earthquake in Port-au-Prince,” said Angie Haynes, Eternal Hope in Haiti Foundation vice president
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