Population*:  30,000 – 40,000
GPS Coordinates:  18°14′14.89″N 72°32′27.52″W
Transportation, Infrastructure and Road Conditions:  
Medical Locations:  St. Michel Hospital in Jacmel collapsed. Patients are being treated outside St. Michel Hospital. (Jan20)6.1 mag aftershock struck near Jacmel – no news yet on impact to medical area which was outside St.Michel  (Jan19) French medical relief team has just arrived downtown in Jacmel. Within a minute 100 people have gathered for care. About 70 patients are being treated and some need surgery.  There are doctors onthe scene but they do not have adquate supplies to perform surgery (example: anesthesia) (source: CNN – Soledad O’Brien on scene)       (Jan17) 2pm RT@melindayiti Gwenn Mangine in Jacmel rpts 800-900 ppl need emer.surgery now. 1operating rm. 1doc who can do surgery. 2boats on way still no clearance 2land plane w/crit med teams- video here:  http://bit.ly/7dVkct
Food and Water Locations: Feb 12 UNDP-led “Cash for Work” programme paid people 180 gourdes for six hours of work per day.  Some 40 per cent of the 35,000 Haitians enrolled were women.  Jobs mainly involved removing rubble from streets and sorting reusable materials.  The programme was being rolled out in Jacmel, Leogane and Carrefour and expected to employ 70,000 people by next week, as it expanded into other parts of the country where resources were scarce. Jan 27 Cluster ReportMission Jacmel 25-27 Jan 2010, Arnold Timmer UNICEF PaPAbout 5 sites (out of 20) were visited to observe the nutrition situation, food and nutrition services provided, and explore plans for nutrition program roll out. Participated also in the food security and nutrition sub-cluster meeting.

Current situation – nutrition

Visited 5 sites in organized sites or small neighbourhood areas, small ones as well as larger ones (up to 4,000 people (estimate)). Mobile clinic reported no diarrhea in last few days, nor measles, nor visual signs of malnutrition. According to the medical doctor there has not been a worsening of the situation yet. Water was provided or available in most sites. Discussions with mothers with young infants revealed reported problems with continuing breastfeeding because of believes that insufficient food will  not stimulate sufficient breastmilk production or that the earth quake has negative consequences on the quality of breastmilk. One mother was providing milk powder. Two mothers offered the child to us to take care of it.

Shelter Locations  Feb 22 approximately 80,000 families live without shelter on four large sites as well as many smaller ones. Ocha sitrep Feb 22
Picture Links  (Jan15) RT @marvinady:  http://twitpic.com/y39bz JACMEL,#HAITI – Holes, cracked walls, empty beds at hospital. Pic by Chris L Mitchell
Video Link  (Jan 17) Jacmel Hospital video http://lemabouya.org/HospitalJacmel.mp4
General Information & Updates  
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    Jacmel Chamber of Commerce is seeking endorsements for their Economic Development Plan. Please go to: http://www.jacmelchamber.org to download the plan and endorsement forms. They are also seeking other partners to help implement the plan. Please email need@haitiaid.org with your area of interest, organization, and level of committment.

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