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Medical Locations:  Sport Stadium of Carrefour (Stad sportif de Carrefour)Jan 16 Hopital Adventiste de Diquini (Haitian Adventist Hospital) is treating and receiving patients in and around Carrefour (Fontamara, Bizoton, Thor, etc)
Volunteers & Medical Supplies are also needed there

Carrefour – MSF field hospital:
Last Updated by Jean-Marc on Feb 11
Around 30 surgical interventions are performed every day in this 80-bed trauma and post-op hospital. Orthopedic surgery, skin grafts, muscle flaps are being performed. Post-op and rehabilitation. Around 150 regular outpatients for wound care. 30 patients hospitalized. Post operative care is offered to trauma victims in collaboration with Handicap International. Psychological care is offered to amputees and families,
Carrefour – nutrition centre – Lycee Louis Janvier
Last Updated by Jean-Marc on Feb 14
Stabilisation centre and ambulatory feeding centre for severly malnourished children.
Village Grace health centre
Last Updated by Jean-Marc on Feb 11
The basic health care unit includes and outpatient department, antenatal and post natal care and a mental health component in a site where 15,000 have relocated.120-130 patients are seen daily.
Food and Water Locations:  Feb 12 UNDP-led “Cash for Work” programme paid people 180 gourdes for six hours of work per day.  Some 40 per cent of the 35,000 Haitians enrolled were women.  Jobs mainly involved removing rubble from streets and sorting reusable materials.  The programme was being rolled out in Jacmel, Leogane and Carrefour and expected to employ 70,000 people by next week, as it expanded into other parts of the country where resources were scarce.
Shelter Locations Feb 23 Camp has been established in a school playground in Carrefour, one of the worst affected areas on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince. It is one of the many settlements that have been set up since the earthquake. There are approximately 1800 people living in this camp in cramped and crowded conditions, many with only a cotton sheet protecting them from the elements.
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General Information & Updates  Oxfam is providing water, sanitation, shelter and cash-for-work employment to the people affected by the earthquake that struck the country on 12 January 2010.Read more: Oxfam’s response to the earthquake in Haiti. 

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  1. natacha unelus
    February 9, 2010 at 1:12 pm

    Thank you. My family lives in 24 Cote plage 41A and they need some medfical attention. My cousin barbara Dupuy had a her baby, Grace, 3 days after the earthquake and is currently mal-nourished and in need of milk and water. Also residing there is our Aunt Raymone Dupuy and her mom/ my other Aunt Jacqueline Dupuy. Their contact # is 509-3-491-6067

  2. z00t
    February 23, 2010 at 10:01 pm

    School was destroyed:
    Raise the Roof is attempting to rebuild the school in Carrefour. See link.

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